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Working with Bergenn Financial Group

Those seeking employment with BFG should appreciate the culture in our office. This business was built on certain core values, among which are empathy, compassion, integrity, authenticity, value, and trust.  We want to provide each of client with a holistic financial planning experience, with advice that puts their interests first, tailored to their goals, and monitored with care.  We look out for each other, and recognize that everyone's success is enhanced by the efforts of our team.

We want everyone here to feel like an important part of our team.  All applicants will meet with our entire team, who will have a chance to provide input to whomever is making the hiring decision.  

Currently Open Positions

Client Service Associate

The Client Service Associate reports to the Senior Client Service Associate, Lead Advisor, or Principal Advisor and is critical to appropriately leveraging Advisors’ time. This position utilizes excellent customer service and problem solving skills to confidently provide information and education to clients in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

Positions Coming Soon

Althought these roles aren't posted, if there's a position you're interested in you're welcome to reach out and have a conversation.  We can save your information for when a position becomes available and for a perfect fit we can work towards openning a position sooner than originally planned. 

Associate Advisor

The Associate/Service Advisor reports to the Lead Advisor and serves as the primary contact for customer relationship management and account servicing. This position requires a strong understanding of the financial services industry and products, and is critical in handling the day-to-day client management on behalf of the Lead Advisor.


The Paraplanner reports to the Lead Advisor and is responsible for providing technical support for the Lead Advisor. Responsibilities include data gathering, modeling, case design, scenario building, and plan and presentation development. The Paraplanner may participate in client meetings.

Lead Advisor

The Lead Advisor is responsible for developing new business, managing relationships, providing personalized investment advice, and servicing clients. In addition, the Lead Advisor collaboratively makes strategic leadership, planning, and broad executive management decision to achieve the firm’s strategic objectives.